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Russian Ambassador Against 'Putin Pub' In Bishkek

Russia's Ambassador to Kyrgyzstan Andrei Krutko has protested a new restaurant in Bishkek named after the Russian president.

Krutko said late on October 15 that naming "a dubious drinking site" after "our president" is "unethical" and therefore he asked Bishkek authorities to remove the commercial banners and billboards advertising the pub.

Krutko added that he would do everything possible "either to shut down the place or to make it change its name."

Last month, Bishkek authorities removed all billboards and banners in the city that advertised the Putin Pub.

The billboards carried a black screen with a black-and-white portrait of Russian President Vladimir Putin in a circle with the name of the restaurant -- Putin Pub -- below.

With reporting by "Vecherny Bishkek"