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Foreign Adoptions Resume After Kyrgyz Regulations Amended

BISHKEK -- The adoption of Kyrgyz orphans by international couples has resumed after Kyrgyzstan introduced new regulations to safeguard the procedures.

The new regulations require thorough study of all foreign companies involved in the adoption process.

Adoptions of Kyrgyz children by foreigners were suspended in 2011 after the country's former minister of social protection, Ravshan Sabirov, was convicted of accepting bribes in connection with arranging adoptions.

The Kyrgyz Ministry for Social Development said on February 11 that it is now considering documents presented by an adoption agency in Finland, the first foreign firm to apply since the Kyrgyz regulations were amended.

The fallout from the Sabirov scandal prevented many Kyrgyz orphans from being finally paired with their adoptive American parents.

Some died in the interim due to lack of adequate Kyrgyz medical care.