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Russian Diplomat Involved In Fatal Traffic Incident Leaves Kyrgyzstan

Video of the accident shows that traffic lights had been red for more than five seconds before a Russian diplomat's car plowed into another vehicle at a Bishkek junction.

BISHKEK -- The first secretary of the Russian Embassy in Bishkek, who was involved in a fatal traffic crash in Bishkek, has left Kyrgyzstan for Russia.

Russian Embassy spokeswoman Darya Pakhomova said on February 22 that Viktor Pukhov had been sent to Russia, but did not say when.

On February 16, a Toyota Land Cruiser Prado registered with the Russian Embassy sped through a red light in Bishkek and smashed at high speed into a van driven by Bishkek resident Aleksei Leksin.

Leksin died on the way to the hospital.

WATCH: Fatal Traffic Collision In Bishkek

Pakhomova said the next day that Pukhov, who was hospitalized with a dislocated pelvis, was driving the embassy car.

Kyrgyzstan's Foreign Ministry on February 17 summoned Russian Charge d'Affaires Aleksei Mzareulov to discuss the crash.

On February 23, the Bishkek police department officially asked the Russian Embassy to assist in the investigation.

Bishkek police said earlier that the deputy director of Russian oil giant Rosneft's branch in Kyrgyzstan, Igor Ryasny, was also in the embassy car at the time.