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Kyrgyzstan Detains Briton Who Insulted National Food

A British man who works at a foreign-owned gold mine in Kyrgyzstan has been detained for questioning after he compared a local delicacy to a horse penis.

Kyrgyzstan's Interior Ministry on January 3 confirmed that Briton Michael Mcfeat, an employee of the Canadian firm Centerra Gold, was detained for questioning in the city of Karakol after posting the comment on Facebook.

Authorities in Bishkek said Mcfeat's remark was included with photos of Centerra Gold's workplace New Year's celebrations.

Mcfeat allegedly wrote that Kyrgyz employees who were lining up to be served a national dish, "chuchuk," were preparing for their "special delicacy, the horse's penis."

Chuchuk is a sausage made from horse meat and intestines.

The remark prompted a strike on January 2 by Kyrgyz employees at the Kumtor mine, which is at the center of a dispute between Kyrgyzstan's government and the Canadian mining company.

Based on reporting by Reuters and AFP