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Shooting Won't Affect Local Kyrgyz Election Results

Kyrgyzstan - Kara-Suu. Polling station number 5266, where there was a mass brawl between use weapons between the parties "Development" and the Social Democratic Party. August 18, 2013
OSH, Kyrgyzstan -- A top Kyrgyz election official says the results of August 18 voting in the southern town of Kara-Suu will not be annulled due to an election-related shooting.

Gulnara Jurabaeva, deputy chairman of the Central Election Committee, said that the incident, which left at least two people wounded, happened away from polling stations and therefore cannot be considered as having affected voting.

A member of the Onuguu (Development) Kyrgyzstan party accused a member of ruling Social Democratic Party (SDP) of stuffing the ballot box.

Witnesses say the Onuguu party member stabbed the SDP member, who responded by shooting the Onuguu member.

A statement from the SDP said it was a member of the Bir-Bol party, not the SDP, who was stabbed.

Three towns in Kyrgyzstan held elections for local councils on August 18.

With reporting by and Interfax