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Prime Minister Says He Doesn't Own A Private Home In Kyrgyzstan

Prime Minister Omurbek Babanov (second from right) shakes hands with an Olympic hopeful during a working visit to Talas region in January.
BISHKEK -- Newly released income declarations by senior Kyrgyz leaders indicate that Prime Minister Omurbek Babanov, whom some reports suggest is one of Kyrgyzstan's richest men, owns neither a private home nor a car there.

The document, made available on a government website, states that Babanov, 42, earned some $18,600 in his capacity as deputy prime minister, and later prime minister, in 2011.

Local reports attribute control or ownership of a Kyrgyz commercial bank as well as a cement factory and construction company in Russia to Babanov.

The income statements shows that President Almazbek Atambaev owns some $5 million worth of real estate, including a house, land, and commercial buildings, along with two cars.

Both the president and prime minister were involved in the post-Soviet privatization of state assets in 1990s.