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Lenin And The Inquisition

Guests of the Georgian game show "Women's Logic" discuss the Inquisition, with little clue that Bolshevik leader Vladimir Lenin was unlikely to have been hauled before the Roman Catholic Church's centuries-long effort to brutally root out accused heretics.

You can find the transcript below.

Woman No. 1: Lenin and the Inquisition? It's a peculiar word. He must have been [a victim] of it. He was Lenin after all, no?
Woman No. 2: I don't know. I don't think so.
Woman No. 1: But I think so.
Woman No. 2: So what should we do?
Woman No. 1: Let's try to guess what the men will say. Those were such times that he must have been a victim of the Inquisition. He must have been a victim of something.
Woman No. 2: Yes, but you don't know what the word "inquisition" means!
Woman No. 1: Well, since they're asking us this question, with this work, then it must have been the case.
Woman No. 2: Or not.
Woman No. 1: But then why would they say "inquisition?" They could say "deportation" or something else.
Woman No. 2: But why do you connect inquisition with deportation?
Woman No. 1: Well, "inquisition" sounds like something bad happened to him.
Woman No. 2: Why? Maybe it was something good.

-- Translated by RFE/RL Georgian Service's Salome Asatiani