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Live Blog: Presidential Debate In Iran, Round Two

"Persian Letters" blogger Golnaz Esfandiari and RFE/RL editors live-blogged as Iran's eight presidential candidates debated social issues on June 5, in the second of three televised preelection debates. The first debate had focused on the economy but was roundly criticized, even by the candidates themselves, as political pabulum. Make up your own mind as to whether the second installment was any better.

Presidential candidates pose for a group photo after their first live debate on state TV, in Tehran on May 31.
16:10 5.6.2013
Velayati: all Iranians from all ethnicities, officially recognized religious minorities, are all Iranians.
16:09 5.6.2013
Haddad Adel: I promise to people that I won't lie to them.
16:08 5.6.2013
Haddad Adel says employment important for women but also house keeping.
16:07 5.6.2013
Rohani also said he will create a women's ministry.
16:07 5.6.2013
Rohani: we should improve the quality of universities. The issue of women is very important. They should have equal opportunities.
16:05 5.6.2013
16:05 5.6.2013
Candidates have each two minutes to offer a wrap of their views.
16:04 5.6.2013
Alibaf: we have to put to an end to the old, tired management, we have no other way than progress. We have to work hand in hand.
16:03 5.6.2013
Rezai: I promise I will be the president of the people.
16:01 5.6.2013
Qalibaf also said war veterans should be supported. He said there are about 10 million of them.

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