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Russian President Vladimir Putin holds his televised question-and-answer session in Moscow on June 15.

Live Blog: Putin's Call-In Show

Russian President Vladimir Putin is taking questions from Russians across the country in his annual Direct Line show, a lavish and heavily stage-managed production broadcast live by all major Russian state television networks.

-- Vladimir Putin took questions from Russians across the country in the Direct Line program, which lasted four hours.

-- Putin said there was no cause for the new sanctions against Moscow that are under consideration in the U.S. Congress, and that the aim of Western sanctions is to hold Russia back.

-- Putin said the country had pulled out of a long recession and that "the economy has moved to a period of growth."

-- The Direct Line program is one of three high-profile annual events that Putin uses to burnish his image in Russia, send signals abroad, and offer hints about future plans.

-- This year's rendition comes at a time of social tension in Russia, just days after police detained more than 1,500 people at anticorruption protests in cities across the country on June 12. In addition, Moscow has seen numerous protests in recent weeks over a controversial government plan to raze and replace thousands of Soviet-era residential buildings.

*NOTE: Times are stated according to local time in Moscow (GMT/UTC +3)

01:35 16.6.2017

01:33 16.6.2017

16:47 15.6.2017

'Too Long On Your Throne': Was Putin's Big Phone-In Show Massively Trolled?

Some surprisingly blunt remarks trickled in on-screen as Russian President Vladimir Putin delivered his annual, carefully scripted marathon call-in program. Tom Balmforth has more.

16:46 15.6.2017

Russian President Vladimir Putin has answered about 70 questions in four hours. This is it for Direct Line-2017.

16:44 15.6.2017

16:02 15.6.2017
16:00 15.6.2017

Four hours on the dot, Vladimir Putin has finished this year's Direct Line.

15:59 15.6.2017

Q: Will there be another Direct Line?

A: If so, it will be direct like this.

15:58 15.6.2017

"Everything will be alright," Putin says.

15:58 15.6.2017

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