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Live Blog: Nemtsov Memorial

Final Summary

-- Thousands turned out today for a public memorial ceremony for opposition leader Boris Nemtsov at the Andrei Sakharov rights center. Family and friends attended his burial service.

-- At least two foreign representatives were prevented from attending Nemtsov's funeral. Bogdan Borusewicz, the Polish senate speaker, was denied a visa and a Latvian MEP, Sandra Kalniete, was refused entry upon landing in Moscow.

-- Russian President Vladimir Putin did not attend the funeral of the former deputy prime minister. Instead, he sent his representative in parliament, Garry Minkh.

-- Anna Durytska, who was with Nemtsov when he was shot, was allowed to return to her home in Ukraine. She says she didn't see who killed Nemtsov.

-- Live stream

NOTE: Times are stated in local time in Moscow

13:53 3.3.2015

As Nemtsov's coffin is driven away, some in the crowd chant, "Russia will be free."

13:48 3.3.2015

13:27 3.3.2015

Outtake from Chubais eulogy:

"For 25 years, Borya had been under pressure," said Anatoly Chubais, a fellow reformist official in the 1990s under President Boris Yeltsin -- when he, Nemtsov, and Yegor Gaidar were dubbed the 'Three Heroes' -- who now heads the state nanotechnology company.

"He never betrayed anyone," Chubais said.

13:12 3.3.2015

The line for Nemtsov's memorial is massive.

12:06 3.3.2015

12:04 3.3.2015

11:50 3.3.2015

Video from the memorial. Nemtsov's mother, Dina Eidman, is at center.

Mourners File Past Nemtsov Coffin
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11:45 3.3.2015

Ksenia Sobchak says that standing outside the memorial, someone walked up to her and said, "Keep in mind, you're next, Ksenia."

11:32 3.3.2015

U.S. Ambassador John Tefft on the left.

11:21 3.3.2015

Former opposition deputy Gennady Gudkov: Shots at Nemtsov -- this is a shot at all of us.

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