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Live Blog: Nemtsov Memorial

Final Summary

-- Thousands turned out today for a public memorial ceremony for opposition leader Boris Nemtsov at the Andrei Sakharov rights center. Family and friends attended his burial service.

-- At least two foreign representatives were prevented from attending Nemtsov's funeral. Bogdan Borusewicz, the Polish senate speaker, was denied a visa and a Latvian MEP, Sandra Kalniete, was refused entry upon landing in Moscow.

-- Russian President Vladimir Putin did not attend the funeral of the former deputy prime minister. Instead, he sent his representative in parliament, Garry Minkh.

-- Anna Durytska, who was with Nemtsov when he was shot, was allowed to return to her home in Ukraine. She says she didn't see who killed Nemtsov.

-- Live stream

NOTE: Times are stated in local time in Moscow

13:49 28.2.2015

We'll begin this blog with a few of the stories that we've produced in the hours since Russian media made the shocking announcement that 55-year-old opposition politician and former Deputy Prime Minister Boris Nemtsov had been killed, apparently shot four times from a car as he walked across a bridge with a companion in the heart of Moscow.

13:50 28.2.2015

Russian Opposition Politician Boris Nemtsov Shot Dead In Moscow

13:52 28.2.2015

And this excellent obituary from Washington correspondent Carl Schreck, who spent many years as a journalist in Russia.

Boris Nemtsov, A Russian Political 'Golden Boy' Who Battled Putin, Dead At 55

13:53 28.2.2015

Looking ahead to a planned March 1 opposition rally, in an interview with RFE/RL’s Russian Service earlier this month, Nemtsov portrayed the demonstration as just a first step in a long struggle.

Boris Nemtsov: 'We Must Free Russia From Putin'

13:56 28.2.2015

Russian Opposition Cancels Sunday's Rally In Marino District

Leonid Volkov, an opposition activist and close ally of Aleksei Navalny, wrote on Twitter that the opposition rally due on Sunday has been canceled despite weeks of intense preparations because of the "force majeur" of Nemtsov's death. He said the city authorities had approved a march of mourning in central Moscow to the spot where Nemtsov was gunned down.

"3. The march will happen tomorrow at 15:00 from Kitai-Gorod to the bridge to the place of the death, the march has been agreed with City Hall, we can and must call everyone there"

14:02 28.2.2015

14:09 28.2.2015

In a move that some are interpreting as a sign that any investigation might be seriously compromised, authorities appear to have washed away potential clues within hours of the killing. In this shocking video from our Russian Service, firemen use hoses to clean the crime scene as a crowd gathers.

Emergency Services At Scene Of Nemtsov Killing
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14:16 28.2.2015

Our Russian Service is live-streaming clips (in Russian) of Nemtsov's colorful career, discussion of his legacy, and analysis of what his death means.

14:19 28.2.2015

Gleb Pavlovsky, a former Kremlin spin doctor, wrote on Facebook:

"A person who drives -- not just anywhere, but on Red Square to kill a former member of government, an opposition figure under the lights and video cameras of the Kremlin walls where hundreds are positioned -- is making a political demonstration. It is an address to the country and to the authorities that is no less powerful than an address from the president. Not to heed it and react to it will cost dear."

14:23 28.2.2015

LATEST: U.S. Ambassador to Russia John Tefft has laid flowers today at the scene of the Nemtsov killing, Russian and other media report.

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