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Majlis Podcast: Will Kazakhstan's Youth Wake The Country Up?

Activists from Oyan Qazaqstan (Wake Up Kazakhstan) marched in Almaty on August 30.

Members of the Oyan Qazaqstan (Wake Up Kazakhstan) movement and others rallied in Almaty, Nursultan, and Shymkent on August 30, Kazakhstan’s Constitution Day. They called for changes in Kazakhstan, particularly constitutional reforms.

There have been a number of small demonstrations, often involving only one person, in Kazakhstan since former President Nursultan Nazarbaev, who led Kazakhstan since independence, announced he was resigning at the end of March. And it is mostly young people who are organizing and participating in these public actions.

RFE/RL's Media-Relations Manager Muhammad Tahir moderated a discussion on these demonstrations, the youth groups that are playing such a central role in them, and where this could be going.

Our guests were all from Kazakhstan. From the Oyan Qazaqstan movement, we had Assem Zhapisheva. From the Qaharman human rights initiative, Aliya Izbassarova joined the discussion. And the founder and head of the media outlet The Village, Asiana Ashim, also took part. I had some comments, but also some questions for our Majlis guests.

Majlis Podcast: Will Kazakhstan's Youth Wake The Country Up?
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