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Montenegrins Wave Underwear In Protest

Activist Dejan Milovac said the protest was also against new taxes planned by the government.
On April 18, members of the Network for Affirmation of the Nongovernmental Sector (MANS) found a unique way to protest recent actions by the government of Montenegrin Prime Minister Igor Luksic.

After reports that Luksic used official funds to buy a pair of underwear while on a trip to Estonia, activists strung up underwear in front of the government building in Podgorica with the names of ministers pinned to them.

Dejan Milovac, a MANS activist, said the protest was also intended to oppose new taxes planned by the government, according to Balkan Insight:

"The underwear shows that Luksic's government has no limits when it comes to the abuse of people and the imposition of new taxes, which all of us have to pay," Milovac said during the performance.

The Ministry of Finance recently proposed new taxes for use of mobile phone cards and cable television as well as new counters for electricity power usage. As a result, most Montenegrins will have to pay at least an extra euro per month for each of those services.

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