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Mudslide In Tajikistan Kills At Least 10

DUSHANBE -- Mudslides have killed at least 10 in a an area just of the Tajik capital, Dushanbe.

Tajik Emergency Situations Committee head Orif Nozimov told reporters the tragedy took place in the Faizabad district, about 50 kilometers from Dushabe, on April 3.

Nozimov said dozens of residents of the village of Yakabedi are trapped in their houses and covered by mud.

Ten bodies have been recovered as rescue works led by Nozimov's deputy, Major General Rustam Shoev, are under way.

Earlier in February, avalanches caused by abrupt warming and heavy snowfall killed several people in Tajikistan.

Mountains cover 93 percent of the Central Asian nation, and avalanches and mudslides kill dozens of people every year.