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New Kyrgyz Political Alliance Established Months Before Parliamentary Elections

Kyrgyzstan is the only country in Central Asia where democratic elections are held.

BISHKEK -- Several political parties and movements in Kyrgyzstan have established an alliance called Jany Dem (A New Breath) to jointly take part in parliamentary elections scheduled for October.

A memorandum of strategic partnership was signed on June 5 by leaders of Ata-Meken (Fatherland) party, Ak Shumkar (White Falcon) party, the Liberal Democratic Party, the Social Democratic Party, the Jany Dem Youth Association, and the Green Alliance group.

After signing the memorandum, the politicians said the alliance's main goal was the "renewal of political forces" in the country -- the only country in Central Asia where democratic elections are held -- with "the cooperation with all political parties and civil society."

The memorandum states that the members of the new alliance will stick to a conservative approach to issues related to the "preservation of traditional values and the unique culture of the people," while being open to reforms that open new opportunities to develop the country further.

The politicians also said it was crucial to undertake urgent measures to tackle the coronavirus pandemic, adding that they plan to present their own road map for further reforms in the country.

The Social Democratic Party, which currently holds the most seats in parliament, recently splintered, opening the way for the opposition to make gains at the ballot box.