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The Rundown - February 15

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Talk Show Round-up
The analysis of Shields and Brooks
# "Face the Nation" has Vice President Joe Biden
# Fareed Zakaria discusses Iran
# "This Week" interviews Dick Cheney

Cameron Abadi on technology and revolution in Iran
# Reuel Marc Gerecht discusses Iran's internal politics
# David Ignatius praises Obama's Iran policy
# The "New York Times" reports on the Iranian opposition's strategy

The "Washington Post" reports on America's use of drones
# Huma Yusuf on new internet laws in Pakistan
# Jeffrey Stern reports on ongoing violence in Kashmir

Police in the North Caucasus killed 20 insurgents over the weekend

RFE/RL Broadcast Region
Milorad Dodik says Republika Srbska will not vote to secede from Bosnia
# Thomas Friedman discusses 1977 and 1979
# Kenneth Morrison on Bosnia's difficult year ahead
# "Real Clear World" interviews Robert Kagan
# Matthew Collin on Azerbaijan's secularism
# Andre Glucksmann on the continuing quest for political freedom in Europe

U.S. Politics/Foreign Policy
Garry Kasparov thinks the U.S. is going soft on autocrats
# Text and video of Hillary Clinton's remarks at the U.S.-Islamic World Forum
# Secretary Clinton is traveling throughout the Middle East
# She also weighs in on the case of Kian Tajbakhsh
# Rashad Hussain has been named as U.S. envoy to Islamic states
# Al Kamen's "In the Loop"

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