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The Rundown - March 2

News & views on RFE/RL's broadcast region

Iran has shut down two opposition publications
# Fiorello Provera hopes Europe doesn't go soft on Iran
# Roya Hakakian on the role of women in revolutionary Iran

Afghanistan has banned showing footage of Taliban attacks
# Saudi Arabia does not yet see an opening for engaging the Taliban

Ahmed Quraishi thinks Pakistan should raise its price on Afghan Taliban suspects
# Rahimullah Yusufzai on violence in NWFP
# Kamran Shafi on Pervez Musharraf's life after politics
# India's PM asks for Saudi help with Pakistan

"Foreign Policy" interviews Boris Nemtsov
# More and more Russians have a favorable view of the U.S.
# Alexander Golts on NATO's democratic expansion

"The National" on outside influence in Iraq's elections
# Ahmed Ali on electoral politics in Kurdistan
# Sadegh Zibakalam on Iran's stoking anti-Americanism in Iraq
# "The New York Times" on vote-buying in Iraq
# Tensions are rising between Kurds and Arabs in the north

Of Interest
Matthew Collin doesn't think Tbilisi will look like Paris any time soon
# Asli Aydintasbas on the Turkish political situation
# Immanuel Wallerstein thinks the Greek mess is emblematic of a global problem
# 13 Chinese newspapers have called on the gov't to change registration policies

U.S. Politics/Foreign Policy
Les Gelb would like to see more acrimony in the White House
# Gideon Rachman thinks Reagan ruined conservatism
# Women have been banned from praying at a Washington, D.C. mosque
# Embassy Row from "The Washington Times"

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