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The Rundown - March 3

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Fouad Ajami on Iraq's developing democracy
# Insurgents are voting instead of killing people
# Grand Ayatollah Ali al-Sistani will not influence the elections
# Baghdad's Federal Court is hearing a case on distribution of Iraq's oil wealth

Joshua Foust on governance and displaced civilians in Marjah
# Thomas Johnson and Chris Mason think Marjah is "a strategic backwater"
# Ahmed Rashid thinks it's time to negotiate with the Taliban
# "Der Spiegel" on Afghan militias fighting the Taliban

The U.S. will not mediate between Pakistan and India...
# ..."The Cable" on the U.S. role in the recent talks between the two
# Pakistan says it has arrested more senior Taliban figures
# The Pakistani army took control of a cave network on the Afghan border
# The Pakistani Army has taken control of the Taliban's Bajaur base
# Manzur Ejaz doesn't think Pakistan can keep up with India

Yulia Latynina doubts the Kremlin's new technology strategy
# Ronald Asmus on Russian influence in its near abroad

Michael Leeden and Flynt Leverett debate Iran today

Of Interest
Rami Khouri on U.S. public opinion towards Islam and Muslims
Marc Lynch moderates a discussion on frontline war reporting
# Muhammad Tahir-ul-Qadri issues a fatwa against terrorism in the name of Islam...
# ...Brian Whitaker is unimpressed
# Hillary Clinton will appear at a "The Daily Beast" event for women
# "The Independent" on the coming cuts at the BBC (details here)

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