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The Rundown - May 19

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Iran's Nuclear Program
# Turkey credits Obama for striking the deal
# World powers agreed on a framework for new sanctions on Iran
# "Hillary at the Buzzer" - Editorial, "The Wall Street Journal"
# "Iran, the Deal, and the Council" - Editorial, "The New York Tiimes"

# The U.S. military is paying Afghan farmers, to mixed results
# "The National" reports on China and India in Afghanistan
# "Ground Realities" - Editorial, "Dawn"

# "Journalists: A Struggle for Survival" - Syed Irfan Ashraf, "Dawn"
# Pervez Musharraf is mulling a return to politics
# James Jones and Leon Panetta are in Pakistan
# "The Taliban's Sympathizers" - Zafar Hilaly, "The Express Tribune"
# "Counterinsurgency Gone Bad" - Abramowitz & Pippenger, "National Interest"

# Mikhail Khordokovsky has gone on a hunger strike
# "From Putin's Frown to Medvedev's Smile" - Fyodor Lukyanov, "Moscow Times"
# Russia wants to cooperate with the U.S. in space
# "The Russian Game" - Carl Schreck, "Foreign Policy"

Of Interest
# "Left Behind in Iraq" - Kirk Johnson, "Foreign Policy"
# "The Real Yanukovich" - Edward Chow & Taras Kuzio, "Moscow Times"
# "The New York Times" editorializes on Iraq's government

U.S. Politics/Foreign Policy

# "The Daily Beast" profiles Gillian Tett
# Fred Kaplan on Republican resistance to the START treaty

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