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The Rundown - June 7

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First Read
# U.S. Federal agents have arrested an Army Intelligence officer for leaking material to WikiLeaks

Sunday Talk Shows
# "This Week" interviews Senators Cornyn and Kerry
# The anlysis of Shields and Brooks

# Ahmed Rasid on terrorism in Punjab province
# "Again, What Punjabi Taliban?" - Ahmed Quraishi, "News International"
# "Hate and Horror in Lahore" - Irfan Husain, "Dawn"

# "The New York Times" on the power of Matiullah Khan
# Afghanistan's Interior Minister and intelligence chief have resigned
# Cheryl Bernard and Elvira Loredo on combating corruption in Afghanistan

# "Russia's New Privatization" - Julia Ioffe, "Foreign Policy"
# "Spiegel" reports on a new Russian law curbing demonstrations
# Germany and Russia propose a new regional security committee
# "Cracking Down on Corruption" - Jonathan Nelms, "Moscow Times"
# Ethnic Circassians have demanded an autonomous region of their own

# "The Last Ayatollah" - Mazyar Bahari, "Newsweek"
# Iran has been smuggling technological components through Dubai
# "The National" reports on Western TV in Iran
# Iran offers to escort the next flotilla to Gaza

# "Iraq's Summer of Uncertainty" - Joost Hiltermann, "NY Review of Books"

Of Interest
# The BBC goes inside North Korea
# Google may have collected wireless data intentionally
# "Turkey is Making a Play for Regional Power" - Josef Joffe, "Financial Times"
# "In Post-Vote Georgia, Lots to Do (And Drink)" - Matthew Collin, "Moscow Times"
# "Muslims in the Modern World" - Rasul Bakhsh Rais, "The Express Tribune"

U.S. Politics/Foreign Policy
# "How Obama Lost Muslim Hearts and Minds" - Fawaz Gerges, "Foreign Policy"
# "Let's End American Dominance" - Peter Beinart, "Daily Beast"
# "Reagan's Secure Line" - Richard Allen, "International Herald Tribune"

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