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The Rundown - June 24

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General Stanley McChrystal
# Reactions: "Financial Times", "The New York Times", "The Wall Street Journal", Tom Ricks, George Will
# David Petraeus's testimony on Afghanistan before the U.S. Senate last week

# "Time" reports on continuing struggles in Marjeh
# Thomas Ruttig on U.S. strategy in Afghanistan for "Foreign Policy"
# "Newsweek" on how the U.S. has been paying warlords for transport security

# "What's on Pakistan TV Talk Shows? Extremists." - Issam Ahmed, "Christian Science Monitor"
# "Living and Dying in Pakistan" - Tazeen Javed, "Express Tribune"

# "Is the West Worried Enough?" - David Stern, "GlobalPost"
# "Resetting the Great Game, Starting in Bishkek" - John Lough, "Moscow Times"
# A photo slide show of Kyrgyzstan from "The New York Times"

# Austrian officials tie Ramzan Kadyrov to a murder in Vienna
# "In Russia, A Climate of Fear is Stifling Innovation" - Leon Aron, "LA Times"
# The "Christian Science Monitor" editorializes on Dmitry Medvedev's visit to California
# Medvedev Tweets!

U.S. Politics/Foreign Policy
# "America Needs an Afghan Strategy, Not an Alibi" - Henry Kissinger
# "The Perils of the Media Presidency" - Daniel Henninger, "The Wall Street Journal"
# Steve LeVine on Dmitry Medevedev's visit to the U.S.

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