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The Rundown - July 30

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# The Pew Foundation releases it's poll results from Pakistan (event video)
# "Cameron Fed Pakistan's Victim Complex" - Mustafa Qadri, "The Guardian"
# "Pakistanis Ask: Drones? What Drones?" - Spencer Ackerman, "Wired"
# Rania Abouzeid on suspected terrorists in Pakistan

# "Keeping Promises" - Peter Bergen, "New Republic"
# "The Guardian" produces a 15-minute video: "Endgame in Afghanistan"
# The Taliban congratulates The Netherlands for pulling out of Afghanistan
# Anand Gopal on women's rights in Afghanistan for "The Huffington Post"

# Stephen Sestanovich on how Dmitry Medvedev thinks the U.S. is cool
# "Our Little Castro in Belarus" - Konstantin Sonin, "Moscow Times"

# David Kay discusses the Shahram Amiri case in the "National Interest"
# "How the CIA Got it Wrong on Iran's Nukes" - Edward Epstein, "The Wall Street Journal"
# "Iran Starts Feeling Heat" - Charles Krauthammer, "The Washington Post"

Of Interest
# "Status Neutrality is Crucial for a Stable Kosovo" - Ian Bancroft, "The Guardian"
# "Cameron Abroad" - Editorial, "Financial Times"

# Investigators claim to have found concrete evidence tying Bradley Manning to the leaks
# "The Wikileaks Paradox" - Farhad Manjoo, "Slate"
# "The Pentagon's Wikileaks Breakthrough" - Philip Shenon, "Daily Beast"
# Reactions from Robert Gates and Hamid Karzai

U.S. Politics/Foreign Policy
# Philo Dibble replaces John Limbert at the State Department
# Robert Kagan discusses the new START Treaty
# "Unshackle the Troops" - Amitai Etzioni, "New Republic"

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