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The Rundown - August 17

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# The World Bank will lend Pakistan $900 million for reconstruction
# "Der Spiegel" reports on the Taliban's providing of flood aid
# "Last Chance For Pakistan" - Ahmed Rashid, "NY Review of Books"
# The ISI says Islamic militancy is a bigger threat than India
# "Autocratic Democracy" - Farzana Versey, "The Express Tribune"

# The Taliban has proposed a commission to look at civilian casualties
# Hamid Karzai plans to ban private security firms
# "No Graceful Exit" - Bob Herbert, "The New York Times"

# "Russia's Nationalist Summer Camp" - Julia Ioffe, "The New Yorker"
# "Putin Is Out Of Touch" - Alexei Pankin, "Moscow Times"
# "Tragedy Lights A Fire Under Russia" - Neil Buckley, "Financial Times"
# The Kremlin-appointed governor of Kaliningrad has been sacked
# The FSB has detained a Romanian "spy"

# State-run media says Iran will build 10 uranium enrichment centers
# "Persistence, Not Fear, Must Guide Action on Iran" - Editorial, "The National"
# Christopher Hitchens on the possibility of Iran getting nukes
# "Living In Exile" - Michael Petrou, "MacLeans"
# "Phoney Finger-Wagging Won't Talk Iran Out of Nukes" - Lionel Shriver, "The Guardian"

Of Interest
# "Last Chance To Save Iraq" - Kenneth Pollack, "The Daily Beast"
# "Thawing the Frozen Conflict in Transdnestr" - Allin & Rojansky, "Moscow Times"
# "The Fight For Justice in Bosnia Goes On" - Rob Miller, "The Guardian"

U.S. Politics/Foreign Policy
# "The Cable (FP)" on the would-be U.S. Ambassador to Turkey
# "Obama Muddles His Mosque Message" - Richard Cohen, "The Washington Post"
# "The Muslims In The Middle" - William Dalrympal, "The New York Times"

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