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The Rundown - August 26

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RFE/RL in the Media
# The "AP" mentions RFE in a report on the death of Gheorghe Apostol
# RSF cites RFE/RL reporting on the media environment in Ukraine
# POMED links to Golnaz Esfandiari's report on Iran's new family law

International Press Review

# "Pakistan, Drowning In Neglect" - Ali Sethi, "The New York Times"
# "GlobalPost" reports on how the U.S. military is helping in flood-ravaged Pakistan
# "The Wall Street Journal" reports on the refugee situation in Karachi

# "Stop Blaming The Afghans" - Steve Coll, "The New Republic"
# "A Pre-Election Visit To Paktika" - Tina Blohm, "Foreign Policy"
# A key Karzai aid under investigation for corruption is on the CIA payroll
# "Mr. Karzai's Promises" - Editorial, "The New York Times"

# "Iraq: Uniform Unease" - Andrew England, "Financial Times"
# The "PBS Newshour" interviews General Ray Odierno
# "How To Build Peace In Iraq" - Daniel Serwer, "CNN"
# "Obama Risks Iraq's Future" - Con Coughlin, "The Wall Street Journal"

# Iran has reportedly banned all reporting on opposition leaders
# "The Sunni Factor Iran's Nuclear Calculus" - Shah & Thakur, "Globe & Mail"
# "Fresh Air In Central Europe" - Jeffrey Herf, "The New Republic"
# Cherie Blair on the trial of seven Bahai's in Iran

# "Foreign Policy" chronicles the Summers of Vladimir Putin and Dmitry Medvedev
# "Ballyhoo Over Nothing" - Vladimir Kozin, "Moscow Times"
# Georgia claims Russia has stationed missiles in South Ossetia

U.S. Politics/Foreign Policy
# New York City mayor Michael Bloomberg again defends the Cordoba House

From the Blogs
# Andrew Exum gives his view on what "success" means in Iraq
# "Danger Room (Wired)" looks at a 2008 cyber attack on the U.S. military

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