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The Rundown - September 7

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# The Pakistani government promises to be "credible" in dispersing flood aid
# The "PBS Newshour" reports on the aftermath of the floods

# The New America Foundation publishes a report from The Afghanistan Study Group
# A Taliban reconciliation program has stalled

# "Bed, Bath & Bribe" - Alexander Osipovich, "Foreign Policy"
# "Russia: Chain Reaction" - Catherine Belton, "Financial Times"
# Mikhail Khordokovsky's lawyers say PriceWaterhouseCooper "caved"
# "Does The Reset Have A Future?" - Alexey Pushkov, "National Interest"
# "European Standard For Russian Modernization" - Vladislav Inozemstev, "Moscow Times"
# Vladimir Putin invokes FDR while hinting at a 3rd term

# "Iraq: Reasons To Celebrate" - Ranj Alaaldin, "The Guardian"

# The UAE Central Bank will monitor remittances to Iran
# The UN reports that Iran is stockpiling nuclear material

Of Interest
# "Inside al-Qaeda" - Moreau & Yousafzai, "Newsweek"
# "In Europe, It's No Longer East Vs. West" - Anne Applebaum, :The Washington Post"
# Noah Feldman on the differences and similarities of Obama and Bush on terrorism
# "Europe And Benign Neglect" - Roger Cohen, "The New York Times"

U.S. Politics/Foreign Policy
# David Petraeus criticizes a U.S. church's plan to burn copies of The Koran
# "Obama's Foreign Policy Has Failed" - Peter Beinart, "The Daily Beast"
# "Politico" reports on Hillary Clinton's State Department
# "Would Oklahoma City Have Opposed Okla21?" - Serene Jones, "USA Today"

From the Blogs
# "Danger Room (Wired)" has a photo gallery of the tatoos of Bagram
# "Prospero (The Economist)" pens a short a review of "The Sheikh's Batmobile"
# John Matthew Barlow looks at our love affair with violent films

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