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The Rundown - January 11

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# "The New York Times" reports on Pakistan's lawyers and support for blasphemy punishment
# "Newsline" reports on the film "Blind Faith" on Pakistan's blasphemy law
# "A Pakistan In Mourning Will Not Be Silenced" - Fatima Bhutto, "Financial Times"
# The chairman of the PPP condemns the killing of Salman Taseer
# "In Pakistan, Tolerance Shrinks" - Mira Sethi, "The Wall Street Journal"

# "Tolo" reports on recidivism among pardoned Taliban leaders
# Vice President Joe Biden is in Afghanistan

# "Spiegel" interviews Iranian Foreign Minister Ali Akbar Salehi
# "Iran's Die-Hard Democrats" - Ilan Berman, "The Wall Street Journal"
# Iran has made arrests in the killing of nuclear physicist Masoud Ali Mohammadi
# "Cyber Victory In Iran" - Charley Levine, "YNet"

# "Reversing Course On Belarus" - Joerg Forbrig, "International Herald Tribune"
# "Lukashenko's Gulag" - Editorial, "International Herald Tribune"

# Simon Tisdall thinks David Cameron should avoid visiting Russia

Of Interest
# "Yanukovich's Ukraine One Year On" - Alexander Feldman, "New Europe"
# "The Economist" reviews Evgeny Morozov's book "The Net Delusion"
# "99%" interviews Francis Ford Coppola
# What happens when you show kids technology from 20 (or more) years ago

U.S. Politics/Foreign Policy
# "Why Politicians Need To Stay Out In The Open" - Paul E. Kanjorski
# "Wired" reports on the U.S. government's request for Twitter to hand over records

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