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The Rundown - January 20

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# Hamid Karzai has delayed the inauguration of the parliament
# "Opium Wars" - Robert Draper, "National Geographic"
# "Danger Room (Wired)" on what 25 tons of bombs can do to an Afghan village
# "It Just Got Worse In Afghanistan" - Robert Dreyfuss, "The Diplomat"
# "Will Afghanistan Be A forgotten War?" - Daniel Henninger, "The Wall Street Journal"

# The Rangers paramilitary group detained some 300 people in Karachi
# "Rolling Back The Poison In Pakistan" - Nirupama Subramanian, "The Hindu"
# Thousands of cargo containers went missing in Pakistan last year

# Gary Sick on what Wikileaks documents say about Iran's nuclear ambitions
# "The Wall Street Journal" reports on Iranians' adjustments to rising prices
# Iranian authorities are trying to boost their "web watchers" corps

# "Newsweek" interviews Boris Nemtsov
# A retired Russian colonel remains in jail in Uzbekistan
# "BP Can Improve Rosneft's Corporate Culture" - Brook Horowitz, "Moscow Times"

China & The U.S.
# "China's Foreign Policy" - David Pilling, "Financial Times"
# "China's Rise Doesn't Mean War" - Joseph Nye, "Foreign Policy"
# "Obama Makes Hu Look Good On Rights" - Editorial, "The Washington Post"
# "Subtle Signs Of Progress On U.S.-China Relations" - Michael Wines, "The New York Times"

Of Interest
# Nieman Lab parses the 1.4 million Facebook fans of "NPR"
# Adam Lankford discusses the rise of self-immolation

# A man accused of genocide in the Balkan War was arrested in Israel
# "Spiegel" reports on reactions to Hungary's new media law

U.S. Politics/Foreign Policy
# "Democracy Can Spread Without America" - Peter Beinart, "The Daily Beast"
# In 1965, "Playboy" interviewed Martin Luther King, Jr.
# The FCC has approved the merger of Comcast and NBC
# "Esquire" profiles "FoxNews" boss Roger Ailes

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