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Pakistan Activist Meets With Girls Condemned For Dancing Video

Pakistani police escort one of the two men they said were suspected to be dancing in the footage of a wedding as he leaves after appearing before the Supreme Court in Islamabad on June 6.
ISLAMABAD -- A human rights activist has told the Pakistani Supreme Court she met with two of the five females who were allegedly sentenced to death and executed after a video of them dancing with men who were not their relatives was posted online.

Her statement on June 7 came after reports circulated that the females may have been murdered in a tribal "honor killing."

Farzana Bari said she traveled to the northwestern village of Seratay in the Kohistan district and met with two of the girls.

She said she did not know the fate of the other three females in the video.

Government officials have been sent to the region where the women live to investigate.

Honor killings are illegal in Pakistan, but such killings are still carried out in remote tribal areas.