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Podcast: The Baltic Front

It's not so quiet on the Baltic front.

Bellicose rhetoric. Menacing overflights. Violations of sea and airspace. Cyberattacks. Border incursions. And abductions.

For the past year, Russia has been turning up the heat on the Baltic states with alarming military provocations on their frontiers and persistent attempts to agitate their Russian minorities.

For more than four decades, Estonians, Latvians, and Lithuanians lived under Soviet occupation. And when they all joined NATO 11 years ago, it appeared they were finally, once and for all, free from the hand of Moscow.

But are they?

On this week's Power Vertical Podcast, we look at the Baltic front of Russia's hybrid war with the West.

Joining me are veteran Kremlin-watcher Edward Lucas, author of the books The New Cold War and Deception: Spies, Lies, And How Russia Dupes The West; political analyst Agnia Grigas, author of the forthcoming book Rebuilding The Russian Empire and of The Politics of Energy and Memory Between the Baltic States and Russia; and Vello Pettai, director of the Institute of Government and Politics at the University of Tartu and co-author of the book Transitional And Retrospective Justice In The Baltic States.


Power Vertical Podcast: The Baltic Front
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