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Porn Queen Dolly Buster Woos Arabs, Iranians

Icon of smut Dolly Buster tells Czech tabloid that Middle Easterners are among the markets she's courting with five new porn TV channels.

Dolly Buster in 2004 photo
"I've launched erotic satellite television that, in addition to Europe including the Czech Republic, is available in Iran, Iraq, and Saudi Arabia, " says Buster (otherwise known as Nora Baumberger, Nora Baumberger Dvorakova, Katerina Nora Dvorakova, Katerina Bochnickova, and Katja-Nora Bochnickova, to name just a few non-stage names), whom the site describes as "the most-celebrated Czech porn star of all time."

"Every man on the planet needs sex, including in Arab countries," the famously buxom 41-year-old Czech emigre responds when asked whether she doesn't "fear a fatwa."

It's more likely to be ignored, of course, than to incur the wrath of religious types in a region saturated -- Saudi Arabia and Iran (here and here) especially -- with satellite dishes.

But Buster knows something about self-promotion. She has leveraged a career in the porn business -- starring in a handful of films before going on to direct, produce, and otherwise purvey the stuff -- into talk-show appearances in Germany and the Czech Republic, as well as a bid for the European Parliament in 2004 on the Independent Erotic Initiative's ticket.

-- Central Newsroom

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