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In this space, I will regularly comment on events in Russia, repost content and tweets I find interesting and informative, and shamelessly promote myself (and others whose work I like). The traditional Power Vertical Blog remains for larger and more developed items. The Podcast, of course, will continue to appear every Friday. I hope you find the new Power Vertical Feed to be a useful resource and welcome your feedback.


I'm live-blogging Vladimir Putin's state-of-the-nation address to parliament and to key Russian political, religious, and other figures.

13:55 18.12.2014

13:55 18.12.2014

Putin: I have no [government] officials in my close circle. They are colleagues, but I'm not close to any of them and I'm not going to be. I understood that a long time ago.

13:54 18.12.2014

Putin asked about Sechin's salary. Says he doesn't know.

13:51 18.12.2014

Another hard-hitting question

13:50 18.12.2014

Translation: It's very good that Kadyrov sent his press-secretary to the Q & A rather than MP [Adam] Delimkhanov with his golden pistol.

13:47 18.12.2014

13:44 18.12.2014

13:44 18.12.2014


13:39 18.12.2014

The press secretary for Kadyrov speaks:

13:34 18.12.2014

Putin rips Saakashvili in response to question from Georgian journalist. Blames Saakashvili for 2008 war:

He has to run from place to place. Can't even get a proper visa to the U.S.

On chance for better relations:

Frankly speaking it's very difficult, but we need to establish direct contacts. We should start the process -- where it leads us, I can't possibly say.

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