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RFE/RL Remembers Vaclav Havel

Below the image of Vaclav Havel on the front of RFE/RL's Prague headquarters is added in Czech: "Thank you."
In honor of former Czech and Czechoslovak President Vaclav Havel, who died on December 18, RFE/RL has projected an image of his face on the front of its headquarters in Prague.

Havel's image will be visible for the entire three-day mourning period declared in the Czech Republic.

A longtime listener of its Czechoslovak broadcasts, Havel invited RFE/RL to move to Prague from Munich in the early 1990s, which it did in 1995.

Havel was "a champion of the disenfranchised, a beacon for those who seek freedom, and a great friend to RFE/RL," Steve Korn, RFE/RL's president, said.

Korn offered his condolences to Havel's family and "the people of the Czech Republic and Slovakia, and the millions of people around the world who were in some way touched and inspired by Vaclav Havel's life."

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