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'Cyanide Equals Corruption' -- Gold Mine Plan Brings Romanians Onto The Streets

For more than a week the Romanian capital, Bucharest, and other large cities have seen mass protests against a proposed gold-mining project in the Transylvanian village of Rosia Montana. Protesters are opposed to plans by Canada's Gabriel Resources Ltd to level four mountain peaks and three villages to extract gold and silver. The historical and cultural impact aside, what shocks and angers many are plans by the company to use thousands of tons of toxic cyanide in the extraction process. Nerves are still raw from a catastrophic cyanide spill in 2000 near the city of Baia Mare that propelled an estimated 100 tons of cyanide into the Somes River that eventually found its way to the Danube. The spill was regarded as Europe's biggest environmental disaster since Chornobyl in 1986.