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The Rundown - November 20

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Obama will not unveil his Afghan strategy until after Thanksgiving
# Karzai's former neighbor on his becoming a shut-in
# Arif Rafiq thinks Pakistan's president must go
# Gordon Brown has been in front of Obama on Afghanistan
# Michael Gerson on Obama's Afghan indecision

U.S. rhetoric on Iran is getting tougher
# Massoumeh Torfeh on how to talk to Iran

Jamison Firestone on the death of Sergei Magnitsky
# Maxim Trudolyubov on the Medvedev/Putin dynamic
# Victor Erofeyev on Stalin's resurgance

The "NY Times" ed board on the Iraqi election law
# Ad Melkert is cautiously optimistic on Iraq
# A Sunni leader has been sentenced to death

Of Interest
The "Washington Post" interviews India's Prime Minister
# Leslie Hook on China's dissidents
# A profile of the U.S. Ambassador for women's issues
# Embassy Row - the "Washington Times"

-- Zach Peterson

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