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The Rundown - December 30

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The "Boston Globe" editorializes on the bin Laden family in Iran
# Abbas Barzegar sees the possibility of civil war in Iran
# Tehran is "close to a deal" to buy 1300 tons of Kazakh uranium
# Con Coughlin on the vulnerability of the mullahs
# The regime blames the West for continued unrest in Iran
# Afshin Ellian thinks Iranians want regime change

The "New York Times" reports on China's investments in Afghanistan
# Zalmay Khalilzad on the Afghan economy
# Afghanistan will hold parliamentary elections in the Spring
# Gayle Lemmon on domestic violence in Afghanistan

Vladimir Putin weighs in on the U.S.-Russia arms talks
# Part 2 of Joshua Kucera's dispatches from Siberia

Of Interest
Janet Napolitano on America's airport security
# Paul Kennedy on what Obama can learn from the Roman empire
# William Hague & Paddy Ashdown on what Bosnia needs
# Jim Rosapepe compares Romania to Italy
# A photo essay on the Ashurra holiday
# David Ignatius looks ahead to 2010

-- Zach Peterson

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