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The Rundown - January 4

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Sunday Talk Shows
The analysis of Shields & Brooks
# "Face the Nation" discusses health care and Yemen
# "Meet the Press" discusses terrorism and national security
# "This Week" discusses the politics of terrorism

"Deutsche Welle" is the latest target of Iranian jamming efforts
# Hamid Dabashi on Iran's younger and smarter revolutionaries
# Timothy Geraghty on Iran's hand in international terror
# Gary Sick on Obama's use of leaks to frame his Iran strategy
# The U.S. will take advantage on unrest in Iran in a push for new sanctions

The UN mission in Afghanistan is criticizing the rejection of most of Karzai's cabinet
# Tunku Varadarajan thinks the U.S. must focus on Pakistan
# Masha Hamilton on the practice of selling of Afghan women to marriage

Of Interest
The man killed for trying to attack a Danish cartoonist may have targeted Hillary Clinton
# The U.S. and UK have closed their embassies in Yemen
# Russia has cut oil supplies to Belarus
# Jose Luis Zapatero and Herman Von Rompuy think the Lisbon Treaty makes Europe stronger
# The "Washington Post" editorializes on freedom of speech in Egypt
# E.J. Dionne on how democrats can avoid being routed in the 2010 midterm elections

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