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The Rundown - February 23

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Abdullah Alshayeji on the GCC's lack of an Iran strategy
# Anne Applebaum on why the U.S. will not bomb Iran
# Richard Haass thinks Iran is at a fork in the road
# Iran has arrested a long-sought Sunni rebel
# Richard Cohen wonders if Ahmadinejad is "Hitler crazy" or "Nixon crazy"
# Les Gelb on how the U.S. should deal with Iran
# Mehdi Karroubi calls for a referendum on the Iranian government
# Jamie Fly on Iran's nuclear program

Pakistan has arrested Mullah Abdul Kabir
# A suicide attack has killed Hajji Zaman Ghamsharik, an Afghan warlord
# Hamid Karzai has taken control of the Afghan electoral process
# Sean McLain on Pakistan's powerful courts

EU - Afghanistan
Anders Fogh Rasmussen says NATO's commitment to Afghanistan remains strong
# The "FT" reports on Europe's political difficulties with Afghanistan
# Robert Fox on the end of the Dutch military operation in Afghanistan

Of Interest
"FP Passport" on Sting's concert in Uzbekistan
# Is Arabic a dying language?
# Nicole Itano on cultural institutions in Bosnia
# How social networking helped capture Saddam Hussein

U.S. Politics/Foreign Policy
Andrew England thinks Arab patience with the U.S. is wearing thin
# Richard Wolffe on Obama's favorite republicans
Josh Rogin reports on U.S. cyber security
# Embassy Row from the "Washington Times"

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