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The Rundown - February 10

Ukraine -- Deputy read a newspaper with a photo of Yulia Tymoshenko in the hall of the Parliament, Kyiv, December 16, 2010
Ukraine -- Deputy read a newspaper with a photo of Yulia Tymoshenko in the hall of the Parliament, Kyiv, December 16, 2010
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Egypt & Beyond
# Egypt's opposition movement extended its protest and called on labor unions to join
# The Egyptian military's takeover of many policing duties hasn't stopped a series of abuses
# Updates from: the streets outside Tahrir Square, Tunisia, Algeria, and Israel
# RealClearWorld on the role of Al Qaeda and the Muslim Brotherhood
# Meet the grassroots, high-tech Egyptian opposition movement: NYT, FP
# Syria has restored access to Facebook, Twitter, and Youtube
# David Remnick weighs in for The New Yorker

# Reza Aslan on what to expect in Iran
# Der Spiegel profiles Jafar Panahi, an Iranian film maker who is facing 6 years in prison

Russia, Ukraine
# The Foreign Ministry invites deported British reporter Luke Harding to apply for a new visa
# Official say the Domodedovo airport bombing was a family affair
# Clifford Levy on the increasing pressure on Ukraine's opposition

Afghanistan & Pakistan

# What do Afghans think of their democracy?
# Human rights groups have shifted their focus toward condemning abuses committed by the Taliban
# The Afghan war has become more intense under Petraeus
# Dogs die in war too
# The Pakistani parliament has resigned
# More killings for alleged spying in North Waziristan

U.S. Foreign Policy
# Hillary Clinton on the need for reform in the Arab World
# More contractor then soldiers die in both Iraq and Afghanistan
# Laura Rozen on the White House Egypt meeting

Of Interest
# The Vatican says a new iPhone app is no substitute for confession
# Can a computer act more human than a person?
# A Pew poll takes a comprehensive look at the demographic profile of global Islam
# Deutsche Boerse might take over the New York Stock Exchange
# Israel and Iran battle it out

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