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From Russia With Love: Military Choir Performs Heartfelt Version Of Bond Tune

A Russian Army choir's rendition of the James Bond theme "Skyfall" has gone viral on the Internet.
A Russian Army choir's rendition of the James Bond theme "Skyfall" has gone viral on the Internet.
Although much has been written in recent years about the anti-Western sentiment that has seemingly been a feature of President Vladimir Putin's rule, it appearss that his armed forces have been embracing certain aspects of Western culture with a vengeance.

In 2009, what appeared to be a Russian Navy band performing and idiosyncratic version of the Beatles' classic "Let It Be" became an unlikely YouTube hit.

More recently, a group of Russian Army troops wowed the world when their parade-ground version of Lady Gaga's "Bad Romance" was captured on film.

Now, a Russian Army choir has taken things a step further on a live TV show by singing, of all things, a cover of the theme to the last James Bond movie "Skyfall," which was a global hit for Adele in 2012.

Their impassioned musical tribute is certainly a far cry from the Cold War era, when Western audiences were more used to seeing Soviet troops trying to kill the fictional British secret agent at every opportunity.

One wonders what Bond creator Ian Fleming would have made of it all.

WATCH: A Russian Army choir performs "Skyfall"

-- Coilin O'Connor

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