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Are You Looking Forward To Sochi? Survey Says: 'Meh'

The results of an official survey about the upcoming Winter Olympics in Sochi were not exactly a ringing endorsement of the Games.
"Other" wins an online poll asking respondents how much they are looking forward to next month's Winter Olympics in Sochi. RFE/RL's Glenn Kates has more.

In early January, RFE/RL reported on an official Sochi Olympics website poll that essentially asked, "will these games be 'great, or the greatest?'"

The question posed was: "Are you looking forward to the Olympic games?" "No" was not among the possible answers. In fact, the only possible response other than a wholehearted "yes" was "other."

We can now report that with 17,906 votes counted, the results are in.

"Other" wins -- earning an impressive 69 percent of the vote.

Below is a breakdown of the results of the poll:

"Are you looking forward to the Olympic Games?"

7.07 percent -- Yes, I've been waiting since the victory in Guatemala [where Sochi won the right to host the Games in 2007]! I can't believe there is so little time left!

12.99 percent -- I'm really looking forward to them! The Games are a great event, not only for our country, but for the whole world!

9.37 percent -- I'm looking forward to them, because I enjoy sport and follow every Olympics

8.94 percent -- I'm looking forward to them, because I hope for great results from our athletes!

69.24 percent -- Other

Respondents were not provided with the opportunity to add commentary to their votes, so one can only guess as to what those voting "other" had in mind.

-- Glenn Kates

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