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Russian Women Slam British 'Pigs'

One Russian lady claimed English men spend all their time drinking.
One Russian lady claimed English men spend all their time drinking.
The "Daily Mail" recently published an article on the "scathing attack" Russian women have launched against British men. Insults and complaints are popping up, uncensored and unapologetic, all across the blogosphere.

A forum called "Why are English people such slovenly and dirty creatures?" on has already attracted hundreds of posts.

Russian Ekaterina moaned, "Oh yes, English people are dirty creatures, this is true." Another, called Betsy, wrote, "English people are real pigs."

A post by Tatiana, who appears to work for a top London law firm, posted on "lavinia_lond," a fellow expat's journal: "My male colleagues matter-of-factly scratch their private parts in the presence of females. In meetings, they are biting their nails."

According to the same "Daily Mail" article, when Russian women compare men from Britain and Russia, many prefer the latter.

Maria Garbuzova, 19, is spending the summer in the British capital.
She said: "British men spend their time drinking beer in pubs as they don't have anything to do. Back home men do not have this problem."

Anna Shlyakhtenko, 22, who is studying English, said: "The manners of modern British men are sometimes rather disappointing. I was surprised seeing how an educated Englishman feels absolutely confident in putting his feet on a table while another person is eating. To Russians, and I think most people, this is not at all polite."

Though Maria and Anna paint a pretty picture of their gentlemanly compatriots back home, there are always exceptions to the rule. The following video of a senior St. Petersburg police officer drunkenly urinating in the hallway of his office has gone viral. It would seem that not all Russian men are necessarily gentlemen either.

-- Joanna Kinscherff

WATCH: CCTV footage of a drunken St. Petersburg police officer urinating in a corridor, which has gone viral.

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