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A Bridge Too Far: 'Drunken' Man Stops Belgrade Traffic

A Serbian news report shows a man sleeping precariously on a bridge over the Sava River in Belgrade.
Traffic briefly ground to a halt in the Serbian capital, Belgrade, this weekend after two fire trucks were called out to deal with a man sleeping precariously on the arches of a railway bridge.

Firefighters were called out on the morning of June 2 after pedestrians noticed a man lying in a seemingly comatose state on a narrow bridge column high above the Sava River.

As sirens wailed loudly and a large crowd of curious onlookers milled around, the man remained oblivious to the fuss he was causing and continued to snooze peacefully while firemen worked frantically to get him down out of danger.

In fact, the daredevil dozer did not come to his senses until he was being physically hoisted off the bridge by a special winch.

Identified as Ivan T. by local media, the man could offer no explanation as to how he had ended up bedding down for the night in such a dangerous location, although some reports have suggested that he may have been under the influence of alcohol.

Thankfully, Ivan seemed unfazed by his ordeal and the police said he had suffered "no injuries."

WATCH: A man is found sleeping on a bridge arch in Belgrade

-- Coilin O'Connor

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