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Serbian Authorities Investigate Suspected Lottery Fraud

Police in Serbia have opened an investigation into the management of the Serbian State Lottery after a graphic shown during the live television drawing of the winning numbers showed one number several seconds before the number was drawn.

Eleven people, including the host of the televised drawing, Aleksandra Gudelj, were questioned on August 1 after the television graphic flashed the number 21 shortly before that ball was drawn from the machine.

Lottery authorities later explained the graphic as a "technical mistake" by an operator as the previous ball, number 27, was drawn. The fact that number 21 was drawn next, officials say, was just a coincidence.

Police have reportedly seized the lottery machines, the balls, and the computers used by the lottery.

Prime Minister Aleksandar Vucic said that anyone found guilty of criminal activity would be "brought to justice."

Based on reporting by the BBC and AFP