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Tajik Conscript Hospitalized After Attempted Suicide

DUSHANBE -- A young Tajik military conscript has been hospitalized after attempting to commit suicide.

A doctor at Karabolo Medical Center in Dushanbe said on February 9 that Najmiddin Kayumov was hospitalized last week with gunshot wounds to his head.

Kayumov's relatives said he remains hospitalized in very serious condition.

Fellow soldiers said Kayumov shot himself with an AK-47 assault rifle.

He had been drafted in the Tajik army in autumn 2014.

Media reports said Kayumov may have attempted to commit suicide after being a victim of hazing, a persistent problem within Tajikistan's military.

In June 2014, a sergeant and a doctor in the Tajik military were sentenced to prison terms for involvement in separate violent hazing incidents.