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Tajiks Announce Boy's Death In Explosion Near Russian Base

A sign in the Kulob region designates the presence of Russia's Mumirak military test range.
DUSHANBE -- Tajik officials have announced the death of a 10-year-old boy and injuries to two other youths last week when a shell exploded near the Mumirak test field belonging to a Russian military base in Tajikistan.

Officials said the incident occurred on August 21, when the boys found the shell as they were reportedly helping their parents harvest wheat.

Tajik media reports have speculated that the shell could have come from the Russian military base.

Russian military officials in Tajikistan have rejected the reports, saying the shell had nothing to do with Russia's 6,000 troops based in Tajikistan.

Tajik authorities have launched a probe of the incident.

Based on reporting by ITAR-TASS and Interfax