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Tajik Court Orders Interior Ministry To Pay Compensation For Suspect's Death

Safarali Sangov died while in police custody in 2011.
DUSHANBE -- A Dushanbe court has ordered the Tajik Interior Ministry to pay compensation to the widow of a suspect who died after he was allegedly beaten by police.

Safarali Sangov, 37, died after he was arrested on drug-related charges in March 2011.

Police initially said Sangov injured himself while trying to commit suicide.

Sangov's relatives insisted he had been severely beaten while in custody.

A public outcry led to the arrest of two police officers, who were charged with negligence leading to Sangov's death.

Both policemen were freed under a general amnesty decree in October 2012 before a trial could take place.

Sangov’s family lawyer, Gulchehra Holmatova, told RFE/RL that on March 15 Dushanbe's Sino District Court ordered the Interior Ministry to pay 46,500 somonis ($10,000) to Sangov's widow.