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Tajikistan Opens U.S.-Funded Nonproliferation Center In Dushanbe

Farhod Rahimi, president of Tajikistan's Academy of Sciences (file photo)

U.S. and Tajik officials have opened a new training center in Dushanbe aimed at preventing the proliferation of weapons of mass destruction.

The U.S. Embassy's charge d’affaires, Kevin Covert, inaugurated the center on March 20 along with the president of the Tajik Academy of Sciences, Farhod Rahimi.

The United States has funded the $370,000 facility as part of Washington's Export Control and Border Security program.

The training areas for security personnel include a simulated port of entry with inspection booths, as well as vehicle and pedestrian gates.

The personnel at the facility will receive training in detecting nuclear and nonnuclear material and other forms of contraband.