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Tajik Parliament Adopts Amendments To Create Presidential Dynasty

DUSHANBE -- Lawmakers in Tajikistan have adopted amendments to the country's constitution that could enable President Emomali Rahmon to establish a presidential dynasty.

Under the amendments adopted on January 22, Rahmon, a 63-year-old former collective-farm head who has ruled Tajikistan since 1992, would be able to run for reelection an indefinite number of times.

In addition, the amendments lower the required age for presidents from 35 years to 30. That change enables Rahmon's eldest son, Rustam Emomali, to take part in the presidential election scheduled for 2020, when he will be 33.

The constitutional changes will take effect after they have been approved by the Constitutional Court and adopted by a national referendum that has not yet been announced.

Another bill endorsed last month gave Rahmon the title "Leader of the Nation" and granted him and his relatives lifelong immunity from prosecution.