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Khomeini's Torn Picture, Students Join With Greens

Opposition supporters hold pictures of Ayatollah Khomeini during a protest at Tehran University

Khomeini's Torn Picture: Pretext for More Crackdowns

In an interview with Radio Farda, reformist journalist Serajedin Mirdamadi said the Iranian leadership knows it has failed to curb popular protests so far. As a result, it is now trying to inflame the religious and political passions of Iranians to set the stage for more intense crackdowns on the Green Movement and the arrest of its leaders. One Radio Farda listener called to say the authorities did not care when Iranian youth were killed during the post-election protests, and yet are making such a fuss over the destruction of a poster.

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Student Movement Joins People's Green Movement

The total number of Student Day protesters arrested nationwide remains unknown, according to reformist student group member Mehdi Arabshahi, despite an announcement by Tehran's police chief that 204 protesters had been detained. Arabshahi added, "What is clear is that the Iranian leadership thought the Green Movement was in decline, and that by jailing a huge number of students they could control it... Now a more comprehensive student movement has joined forces with the Green Movement."

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