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Vail Remembered, Official Meets Fascist Blogger, Kasparov Rejects Rumors

Peter Vail, writer and journalist
Peter Vail, writer and journalist

Russian Service Chief Editor Passes Away

Peter Vail, author, journalist and chief editor of the RFE Russian Service has died following a protracted illness. He was 60. In September, the Russian Service presented a collection of Vail's essays to mark his 60th birthday, and several are presented in this article.

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The Fascist Blogger And The President

RFE/RL reports that Vyachislav Surkov, deputy head of the Presidential Administration, met with a self-described fascist blogger to discuss "innovative policy proposals" and the establishment of a "new political force." In September, President Dmitri Medvedev reportedly instructed another top aide to meet with the blogger, Maksim Kalashnikov. Eduard Kruglyakov, a member of the Commission Against Erroneous and Falsification of Scientific Research to the Presidium of the Russian Academy of Sciences, tells RFE/RL, "I now have the impression that if the population continues to be stupefied, soon, with the help of television advertising, they will accept anything that they're ordered [to obey]."

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Kasparov Denies Reports Of Emigration Plans

Opposition politician Garry Kasparov tells RFE/RL that rumors reported in the Russian media that he plans to emigrate are untrue. Claims that he plans to close his website recently surfaced, and the New York Times reported that he had purchased a New York penthouse. In the interview, Kasparov is adamant that Moscow will remain his principal residence. Asked if he would be willing to meet with President Medvedev, Kasparov replied, "The current political life in Russia is not about Medvedev or Kasparov...I'm ready to stand in free elections and ready to support those who plan to organize them. But go to meetings with certain representatives of the leadership? I consider it to be a complete waste of time."

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